The Seven Forums – My home on the Internet

I have never been interested in so called social media. I have a Facebook account where I update my status regularly 😉 about twice a year, this Windows 7 blog is my second try to blog. Not counting the forums I had to belong because of my work, I had never joined any forums before summer of 2009. Then I got a minor problem with Windows 7 RC, build 7100, and searched the net to find a solution. I stumbled upon a Windows 7 themed forum but was disappointed after joining and asking my question. The answers were arrogant, even impolite and did not help me to solve my issue, and the site was in my opinion too much pro piracy. It seemed to me they wanted to keep their forums to themselves.

Did some more searching and found the Seven Forums. I joined on June 12th, 2009, presented my issue, got help and was hooked. Today the Seven Forums is my home on the net, the site I check first every day when waking up my PC from sleep, and the last site I check before putting PC to sleep again. It is a vast source of information, telling you everything you need to know about Windows 7.  Currently with its over 125,000 members, almost 1,200,000 posts in over 120,000 threads and hundreds of tutorials from A to Z, Abort Shortcut – Create to Zip Folders – Enable or Disable Windows Explorer View, the Seven Forums is the biggest and most extensive source of Windows 7 information outside Microsoft owned sites.


I am not alone when praising the Seven Forums. In 2009 it was voted as the best Windows website (as far as I know there was no such vote in 2010). The site is owned by John Fairbrother from Lancashire, UK, who together with Shawn Brink from Texas, USA administrates it with the help of three voluntary moderators and some team members. The workload these enthusiasts have is massive, there’s always thousands of users online. What makes in my opinion the Seven Forums so special and moderating it easier is the demographics of its member base: the average age is somewhat higher than you are used to see on a tech forums, members coming from all around the world representing all possible ethnical and cultural backgrounds. In addition, the members seem to really like their forums so the discussion stays civilized and to the point.

The Seven Forums is divided into sub forums to make it easier to find or ask help.  News, Drivers, Customization, Crashes and Debugging, System Security and Virtualization are just a few of 23 public forums. The Tutorials section alone has all the information you will ever need to install, use and maintain your Windows 7 system. To keep us geeks happy and not too serious, there’s also a Chillout room where everything is allowed (almost everything, politics and piracy are two of not too many forbidden themes), from jokes and Youtube clips to funny stories from around the world.

Check it out yourself. New members are wholeheartedly welcome.  I’m willing to bet that if you join, you will be hooked as I was. It really is an amazing place to spend some time. And then, why not join the sister forums, too: the Windows Vista Forums for those still interested in Vista, and the Windows Eight Forums for those wanting front row seats on the Future Express 😉

Kari, Seven Forums member #13,624

P.S. Check the Seven Forums RSS feed on the right and see yourself what’s going on!


6 Responses to The Seven Forums – My home on the Internet

  1. Derek Crouse says:

    Good stuff Kari, I feel the same way but could never have put it in words the way you did.

  2. Dinesh says:

    Well said Derek… Very expressive Kari.

  3. Corrine says:

    Very nice, Kari.

    (You have so much knowledge to share and you don’t need Clubhouse to blog.)

  4. whs says:

    Nice initiative Kari. Are you going to make this an ongoing activity now? W.

    • Kari says:

      As you can see, it’s beginning quite slowly. But yes, I have some plans. I get surprisingly many page visits already as it is, I think it’s worth to continue. I’m in no hurry, so let’s see what future brings…

  5. Yowanvista says:

    Very nice Kari

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